21st Century Education, A True Paradigm Shift

  Paradigm Shift………………                                     Once upon a time the concept of ‘Guru’, prevailed in India. ‘Guru’ with his knowledge and experience was considered as infallible and represented the ‘total knowledge’. Just this scenario has reversed by the beginning of the 21 st century. Teachers are facing challenges because of the unknown, unseen and unpredictable future, which is beyond their calculation. The young minds are better problem solvers, decision makers and enablers too. Therefore there would be the paradigm shift in the role of the teachers from ‘a knowledge giver’ to ‘facilitator and guide’! Education can’t be bound to prescribed syllabus only. Teachers need to guide their students towards Entrepreneurial which is not only a venture of creation but also includes management and scaling. Core role of education will be to make students active, successful and a contributing member of the society. It is a transition……………… It is a transition from rote learnin